About Neveo Mosser

Neveo Mosser
Neveo MosserCo-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As the Founder and CEO of Mosser Capital, Neveo Mosser has built a diverse portfolio of over $1 billion in holdings over the past three decades. Mosser’s extensive experience and expertise in the Bay Area real estate investment and property management market have helped his company become a game-changing real estate firm in the San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles markets, paving the way for continued growth and development.

Neveo Mosser is a citizen of the Bay Area and has deep roots here. All of Mosser Capital’s goals and directives are based on a holistic understanding of the region with the aim of serving the needs of residents, investors, longtime citizens, and newcomers to the area alike. Serving the community with integrity, not opportunism, is the underlying current when conducting business at Mosser Capital and something Mosser has stood by through the decades of building a successful firm.

Neveo Mosser is a past president of the San Francisco Apartment Association and the Coalition For Better Housing. Both of these organizations represent apartment owners in San Francisco and Mosser continues to serve both of the leading organizations as a member of the executive board of directors. Mosser was also a member of the executive board of directors for the California Apartment Association.

Continuing with his commitment to his community, Neveo Mosser has been a Commissioner on the San Francisco Residential Rent Board, a mayoral-appointed position, for the past 19 years. This organization serves as the city’s public watchdog to ensure renters aren’t taken advantage of by unethical landlords. He is also a member of the iREOC Board of Governors and University of California Berkeley Fisher Center Policy Advisory Board. Mosser has made serving the needs of Bay Area residents his life’s work and is dedicated to improving the real estate market in the Bay Area and beyond.

The team at Mosser Capital understands that the real estate investment market can be intimidating for newcomers and even more so in a competitive market. Since so many variables are at play to determine whether an investment is risky or not, Mosser Capital has developed a platform that’s vertically integrated through internal ownership of properties to mitigate risk and determine which opportunities may be the most viable.

Mosser Capital continues to grow at a steady pace and future acquisitions will expand the portfolio even further. Mosser’s management team is dedicated to creating value in every area the company serves and committed to adapting to the ever-evolving real estate industry.

Neveo Mosser maintains a high standard of service for all renters, investors, and other interested parties who sign with Mosser Companies. His decades of experience, strong business acumen, and real estate expertise about everything from building management to high-level investment decisions, provides a wealth of benefits for any clients and business partners.